Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer

Yo. Here's more old hate from back in the day. I stand by this review (so does my brother) and nothing else needs to be said about the now-classic record. If you don't own a physical copy of Terrifyer (on vinyl, CD, cassette; whatever you've got), then you can go ahead and consider yourself a massive lame-o. What are you even doing on this website? I'm sure that your local Mix 96 station is playing Taylor Swift right now. That's probably more your speed.

There is one more thing worth mentioning. For as much as I love Terrifyer, I have to honestly say that my favorite Pig Destroyer record is Phantom Limb. Of course, Book Burner rules just as much. Maybe Pig Destroyer is becoming one of those bands like Metallica or Converge, where everyone seemingly has a different favorite record of the same band. Where do you stand on this? Post your thoughts on the No Funeral funkbook page.

Pig Destroyer

The common perception among the metal masses is that Prowler in the Yard is Pig Destroyer’s most brutal hate. I, along with fellow No Funeral critic DC the Medic, believe that Terrifyer is the actual hate. The reality of the situation is that all the Pig Destroyer material is pure hate and that Terrifyer is every bit as good as Prowler in the Yard. These thrash-influenced grind-meisters have continually turned heavy music on its side throughout their existence. They get brutal like no other (except for Insect Warfare) and Terrifyer is beginning-to-end intense.

Only Terrifyer has been post below. Although this review covers only the Terrifyer LP, my copy was the two-disc version that included the Natasha DVD. I was upset by Relapse’s initial treatment of Natasha as a mere add-on, but Relapse finally gave it a proper LP/CD release last year. Natasha will be posted as its own review in the future (next month?) as I believe it’s a work that should be evaluated on its own.

Compared to the other Pig Destroyer albums, Terrifyer has the most noticeable thrash influence. This is thrash in the vein of Dark Angel, not Municipal Waste. It adds an exciting new element to the band’s sound. Voraciously recommended.



DC said...

While it is true that all Pig Destroyer is the hate, Terrifyer is the real hate. "Thumbsucker" is the theme song to a felony manslaughter charge.

No Funeral said...

#1 download on No Funeral for the weeks of 14-21 March 2009 and 21-28 March 2009.