Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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Contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead; nor was I running Anthony Weiner's failed NYC mayoral campaign. I've been busy in Austin doing rad things like getting my AutoCAD certificate.
In case you haven't noticed, No Funeral hasn't been updated in a millions years (because that has always been a problem with this website: posting too often). I'm still writing but I'm doing a lot of freelance work for other folks. The material of which I'm most proud is over at Buddyhead.com. Here's what you've missed:
I take the new Vampire Weekend LP apart at the joints.
The new Sabbath rules
...so does the new Clutch
Justin Timberlake is a terrorist
The new Nails LP rocks pretty hard
but not as much as the new EyeHateGod
Here's my take on the Hard N Heavy Grindcore Special
...and the battle royale, KING810 vs. common sense.
I've got more new material on the way and I've got much more older stuff to post. I'm eternally getting caught up. You know the drill by now...

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