Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Here's how Miley Cyrus pissed off the entire city of Detroit

Rhodes Scholar and cancer researcher Miley Cyrus made another "uh-oh." This time it was in that Rolling Stone interview (I'm sure you've seen the cover by now). The long-story-short: She said, "Detroit’s where I felt like I really grew up." As you can imagine, the Motor City did not see the humor in this statement.

I really hate saying something supporting or defending Miley Cyrus but that quote was taken out of context. Sure, it was a poor choice of words but we're talking about someone with a sixth-grade education (or its Hollywood equivalent). Aaron Foley of the website Jalopnik really breaks down Miley's faux pas and what it means for Detroit residents. Read his take here. Basically, Cyrus is the latest in a long line of celebrity-types who have all made "derogatory" statements about a city that going through a really hard time. Detroit has been drilled harder by the Great Recession than any other city and it's collectively tired of jokes. This is all reasonable except for one tiny, little detail.

Cyrus essentially said something positive about the city. She got a tattoo on 8 Mile Road. She went to clubs in Royal Oak and the Renaissance Center. As far as "growing up" is concerned, the first time you get chased down the street by a for-real-ass Detroit crackhead, well..., that's a learning experience for everyone. Miley Cyrus digs Detroit in a roundabout, backhanded way.

...and she's not alone. I dig Detroit. I've got many friends up that way and, other than the snow, I wouldn't mind living there at some point in the future. Yes, we all hate Hollywood and any excuse to slam a moron celebrity is a good time, but it's not called for in this case. Everyone calm down and let a dum-dum have the time of her life. Instead, let's take a look back at some of Detroit's greatest hits...

Cold As Life opening for Blood for Blood and Pitboss 2000 @ The Magic Stick:

Walls of Jericho bring the Motor City hate to Wacken in 2009:
Here's the video for Black Dahlia Murder's single "Everything Went Black":

You should know this song...

Oh yeah, these guys are also from Detroit.


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