Friday, August 7, 2009

Midwest Metalcore Meltdown

The Confession
Moo Cow

The Midwest has a history of producing powerful and unusual music and no Midwestern state has produced more of it than Minnesota. The land of 10,000 lakes is also the land that gave us Husker Du, Prince, Code 13 and the Replacements. At this point, it’s safe to add Disembodied to that list.

Recorded in 1995, The Confession embraces the mid-90s metalcore vibe while pushing the sound forward. The EP features three songs of slow, down-tuned, stomping heaviness. It sounds similar to what Undertow was doing around the same time.

The Confession is one of Disembodied’s earlier recordings. It’s not as influenced by metal as the band’s later material -- the Slayer riffs had not surfaced yet. The Confession combines the heaviness of Quicksand and Helmet with the righteous anger of Judge and Outspoken. It’s killer, early stuff from a band that kept getting better.

Disembodied - The Confession



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Lardass said...

Don't forget, they also gave us Harvest and the almighty Threadbare!

Lardass said...
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