Thursday, August 27, 2009

grunge gravy

City of Echoes
Hydra Head

Yeah, it's another post in short-review week. This is the mighty Pelican. They play instrumental groove/metal/stomp/grunge/boogie/something awesomeness. Most vocalists are false as fuck and, in the case of Pelican, would simply get in the way of killer riffage. I recently bought the Ephemeral 12" EP (featuring special guest Dylan Carlson of Earth) and, while that EP rules, City of Echoes is a total masterpiece. The credits of Ephemeral state that Pelican has been making grunge gravy since 2000. Sounds good to me. I'm not going to keep droning on-and-on about it so here's your assignment for today (in order): download. smoke up. rock out. kill yourself.

Pelican - City of Echoes