Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Light Yourself On Fire - Intimacy

Light Yourself on Fire
Seventh Rule

by Jason from Deadthyme

Featuring the singer of now-defunct Forida band Reversal Of Man, Intimacy is Light Yourself On Fire's third release (tho' no full length yet). The band sounds a little like a less thrashy Reversal Of Man with longer songs, but with a strong late 90's/ early 2000's progressive hardcore influence. Think along the lines of Non Compos Mentis, Deadguy, Humans Being, and maybe even Today Is The Day; stuff like that. The guitars chug along at a (mostly) mid-pace, sometimes seemingly going nowhere until they finally break into a new progression. The vocals are harsh but, every once in awhile, he'll throw in a cleanly spoken line just for the hell of it. Samples are plentiful. If you miss that millennial hardcore sound, these guys are bringing it back. When this stuff is done badly, it's really boring and terrible to listen to. However, Light Yourself On Fire do it right. Don't get them confused with I Light My Friends On Fire. Those guys suck ass.

Light Yourself on Fire - Intimacy

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