Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kyuss - ...And the Circus Leaves Town

…And the Circus Leaves Town

It would probably make more sense to review the Kyuss albums in order of their release, but I’ve never been too crazy about following the rules. Besides, Kyuss wasn’t big on rules either. These legendary inventors of Desert Rock had an arching, unifying sound, but their albums were so different from each other that order doesn’t really matter. Each Kyuss record needs to be analyzed and digested individually.

Kyuss had been considered genre leaders in the (then) growing stoner rock movement; especially after the release of the mighty Blues for the Red Sun. However, with the modern definition of stoner rock being bands like Baroness and Isis, …And the Circus Leaves Town does not fall into this category. Instead, Kyuss used its final LP to rediscover its West Coast roots. Except for passing moments on their first album Wretch, …And the Circus Leaves Town sounds the most SST-like than any other Kyuss material.

In addition to the typical Kyuss hallmarks like John Garcia’s unique vocals and Josh Homme’s psychedelic guitar style, this record has an intense Minutemen vibe about it. My War-era Black Flag is also scattered throughout the album, such as on the song “Gloria Lewis.” Kyuss may forever be linked to stoner music but …And the Circus Leaves Town is proof that Kyuss was birthed from West Coast punk and not Black Sabbath.

Kyuss - …And the Circus Leaves Town



TONA said...
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TONA said...

I agree with most of the thing you ve said, finally someone who thinks (like myself) that Sabbath is NOT whats behind Kyuss opus, as claimed by many. However, "desert rock" exsisted long before them with the likes of Thin White Rope, Giant Sand and early Meat Puppets etc. One thing is true thou, desert came into fashion with Kyuss allright so now you have Mojave from Sweden to Italy.