Monday, May 4, 2009

Black Ships - Omens

Black Ships
New Romance for Kids

by Jason from Deadthyme

By simply looking at the cover of this CD, you know it's going to be dark and brooding and that you aren't disappointed. Along side bands like Tragedy, Cursed, and Cobra Noir, these guys play some excellent metallic hardcore seethed in sludgy down-tuned doominess. The vocals are hideous and effects-ridden while the music is bottoms-out heavy,even though they do go pretty fast at times. Sometimes, it's so tuned down and distorted you almost can't hear all the tunefulness that the guitarists actually put into the music; almost. Luckily, you can but that keeps it heavier, I guess. If you like the above mentioned bands, check out Omens. Black Ships won't disappoint.

Black Ships - Omens

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