Monday, May 4, 2009

Devourment – 1.3.8.

Corpse Gristle

Devourment is by far the heaviest band to emerge from the DFW area (sorry Pantera). During Devourment’s existence, which is sort-of still going on, the band made the biggest impact on TXDM. They play brutal death metal in the vein of Suffocation and Deeds of Flesh. I suppose Devourment also sounds like Dying Fetus, but without Dying Fetus’s politics or guitar wizardry. What Devourment brings to the table is brutal death metal mixed with beatdown hardcore; paving the way for today’s deathcore bands.

Originally released while vocalist Rueben Rosas was incarcerated, 1.3.8. is a compilation of Devourment’s early material. What you get is one new song called “Babykiller”, the three-song Impaled demo and the eight-song LP Molesting the Decapitated. Get it? 1.3.8. The vocals on the CD are very cool and the music is exactly what you would expect.

The only thing about 1.3.8. that bugs me is the false snare blast the drummer uses. He does that stupid thing where the drummer slides the stick across the head of the snare. False! This album rules, except for the blastbeat thing.

Devourment – 1.3.8.


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