Monday, May 4, 2009

Gummo – Soundtrack


Like the film, the Gummo soundtrack is not for everyone but those who “get it” will love it. Also like the film, it’s an amazing feat that a major label released the Gummo soundtrack. To some degree, I believe that Harmony Korine pulled the ultimate fast one on the media corporations. This is based on more than the outrageous amount of black metal on the record. Think about it. Korine put Spazz on a major label movie soundtrack in 1997. Eyehategod is on there too. That’s pretty hip. The movie Gummo is about the weirdo rednecks in Xenia, Ohio following a tornado that devastated the town. Gummo isn’t for everyone, but it is for deranged headbangers and clinically-depressed punk rockers. In short, the movie and the soundtrack were both custom-made for the No Funeral readership.

Gummo – Soundtrack


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