Monday, March 5, 2007

Blood for Blood - Revenge on Society

Blood for Blood
Revenge on Society
Victory Records

I can appreciate what’s going on lyrically, but lyrics alone don’t make a record great. If you’re reading this magazine, you probably seek revenge on society too. Unfortunately, “Revenge on Society” is only half of a great album. Blood for Blood play hardcore in the tradition of the Boston and NYC scenes, but they too often rely too heavily on a sound cultivated by others.

Blood for Blood are at their best when they pick up the pace, like the song “A Bitch Called Hope”, or when they slow down the tempo to a soul-searing pace, like on “Evil in the Brain.” The band fails during their mid-paced songs, like “You’re Still a Paper Gangster.”

Blood for Blood’s rhythm section betrays itself when the players simply back up White Trash Rob’s riffs instead of laying down a cool foundation for a song. This absence of rhythm is most apparent on “Die Laughing” and “Shut My Eyes Forever.” Ironically, Paper Gangster has a great rhythm and pedestrian riffs. They can’t win for losing.

That’s not true, because when Blood for Blood are on, they’re fantastic. “Wasted Youth Crew” is the best song on the album. It has a pounding rhythm, great riffs, and lyrics that reflect the rage of America’s underclass.
Despite its flaws, “Revenge on Society” is worth tracking down if you have not heard it before. Just don’t expect “Victim in Pain” part two.

Here's Blood for Blood playing "Revenge on Society", "Paper Gangster", and "Soulless", all from the "Revenge on Society" album, recorded live at the Homebase in Wilkes-Barre, PA in 2001.

Blood For Blood - Revenge on Society


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