Monday, March 5, 2007

Infest - Mankind

Deep Six Records

The original kings of west coast power violence return, sort of. The Mankind 10” is a reissue, by Deep Six Records, of the Mankind 7” with several comp. tracks added. My copy is on white wax. Take that, record nerds!

Infest played power violence, a no-frills style of punk rock that effortlessly switched sludgy riffs and thrashing blasts. No recording tricks here; just imagination and a poor disposition.

I love Dave Ring’s bass tone on Mankind. When you can convey heavy and menace with your amp at the same time, you’ve done something right.

Far all of Infest’s straight edge and equality advocacy, they don’t forget how to rock. This is something most political bands can’t pull off, but that’s just the thing. Infest was a punk band with socio-political lyrics, but politics never got in the way of them being heavy. Check out the song “Just Act Blind” if you don’t believe me. Deep Six will be releasing an Infest discography CD soon.

EDIT: The DL link posted below contains the 7" recording and not the 10" recording.

Infest - Mankind


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