Monday, September 22, 2014

Xaphan/Primitive Man - Split EP

Who:  Xaphan and Primitive Man

What:  Split 7" EP of blackened doom metal released on Init Records.

When:  2014

Where:  Minneapolis, MN/Denver, CO

Why:   Twin Cities occultists join forces with Denver hate-stoners to make one of the year's best 7" records.

[The Radness Average (or star rating) is derived from assigning each song a number of stars based on a 1-5 scale, then adding the total number of stars, and then dividing that number of total stars by the number of songs on the record. A Radness Average of 4.0 or higher indicates a good or great record. A Radness Average of 2.0 or less indicates pure crap. Everything else is in the middle somewhere.]

Xaphan/Primitive Man - Split 7" EP - Init Records

1.  Cold Surge (Xaphan) -- *****
2.  The Ties That Bind and Sever -- ****

Radness Average:  4.500

Xaphan/Primitive Man - Split 7" EP

Verdict:  Xaphan barely wins the brutality contest over Primitive Man but the real winners here are the listeners.

For fans of: Cursed, Trap Them, Black Anvil, Tragedy, Nails


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