Sunday, February 9, 2014

No Warning - Resurrection Of The Wolf

No Warning
Resurrection Of The Wolf
Bad Actor Records

After an eight-year-long hiatus, Toronto's No Warning returns with a new 7" of hard-hitting, pit-friendly hardcore. No Warning originally existed from 1998-2005. The band issued two EPs and two LPs during its initial run. What happened in the early 2000s that spelled doom for this band? That would be an attempt at selling out.

In the two years after the release of No Warning's classic album Ill Blood, the band signed with SUM 41's producer and with LINKIN PARK's management. The band recorded a far more radio-friendly record titled Suffer, Survive and played on the Projekt Revolution tour with KORN, SNOOP DOGG, and LESS THAN JAKE.

...And then it was over. The members of No Warning couldn't agree on a career path. Some of them wanted to return to the band's old hardcore sound. The others wanted to keep pursuing the modern rock sound. In late 2005, the members of No Warning went their separate ways, most notably with vocalist Ben Cook joining FUCKED UP and guitarist Jared Posner joining TERROR.

I suppose eight years is how long it took for No Warning to return to its old sound but that's exactly what happened last year. The band recorded one new song "Resurrection Of The Wolf" along with a cover of "Bloodsucker" by VIOLENT MINDS. A two-song 7" was released on Cook's Bad Actor Records; and all was right with the universe once again.

The band members have declared that there will be no live shows, essentially reducing No Warning to a studio project, but that's okay. No Warning's members are in no hurry to leave their currently successful bands. Cook put it best when he said, "I have no interest playing live. I don't want dudes yelling in my face or jumping on me."

On a personal note, No Warning is of great interest to me because they opened one of the best shows I've ever seen. It was Thanksgiving weekend in 2004 and HATEBREED, TERROR, FULL BLOWN CHAOS, and NO WARNING played Club Tundra (formerly and currently known as Lost Horizons) in Syracuse, NY. It was the second most violent show I've ever seen. I counted somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 ejections and four arrests throughout the course of the evening. It was a good time for the whole family.

No Warning was cool then and the band still rules. If you like rock music at all, you're going to love this.


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