Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Lows - Harvest Of The Carcass

New Lows
Harvest Of The Carcass
Deathwish Inc.

Back in 2004, Arrested Development came on the same night and time as Desperate Housewives. Although AxDx was the superior show, Wisteria Lane won the ratings war. What does this have to do with anything? Well, Boston's own New Lows got "Arrested Development-ed" in 2011. Let me explain.

In 2011, New Lows issued its debut LP Harvest Of The Carcass through respected metalcore label Deathwish Inc. Although billed as BOLT THROWER influenced (it's not), Harvest Of The Carcass does feature an enraged yet enjoyable combination of East Coast beatdown hardcore and Cleveland hatecore. Imagine a mix of RINGWORM and OVERCAST. Sounds awesome, right? That's what I thought too. I'm not sure if New Lows or if Deathwish Inc. dreamt up that Bolt Thrower garbage but it did the band no favors. If New Lows sounds like anybody, the band sounds like DIECAST. The marketing machine runs off the road once again.

Anyway, my first exposure to New Lows came when the band opened for Ringworm at Red7 back in 2011. Having never heard them before that night, I was thoroughly impressed. New Lows had good songs and a good live show. For a brief moment, it appeared to me as though New Lows may become some manner of "buzz band" and be off to bigger and better things. Yes, it appeared that way but then something happened.

What happened was NAILS played after New Lows and before Ringworm. I was in the same situation with Nails, not being familiar with the band, but the setlist was essentially all of the Unsilent Death album. Nails had successfully stolen the show. Nails was the Desperate Housewives to New Lows's Arrested Development. Since 2011, Nails has eclipsed New Lows in every way measurable yet New Lows is a strong band. I thought that New Lows would have a higher profile in the metal world by now but it seems that the band has been forgotten. If not forgotten, New Lows is largely going unnoticed in the metal community.

This needs to change. Harvest Of the Carcass is a powerful record and New Lows has new material on the way later this year. Get on board now before your friends and coworkers are all rocking hundreds of dollars worth of New Lows merch, just like your friends and coworkers do with Nails right now.


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