Sunday, December 28, 2008

Unpersons - II

Fish Fur/Born to Die

If you’re just getting into Unpersons then (in the infamous words of Money Mike) this long out-of-print LP is “the hate.” This is their masterpiece. Go ask Mastodon. You just know that they’ve heard this record before.

Unpersons is a brutal hardcore band and an influential member of the Savannah scene. Stay tuned for a coming feature on the Savannah/SCaD sound.

I’ve seen this band described as power violence in the past. This couldn’t be more wrong. The music of Unpersons is chaotic, but it’s more akin to Isis rather than Spazz. For my money, this is the sound made by hyperactive stoners. Tell me that you can’t hear the Minutemen influence in “Time/Faded Wallpaper.” The Unpersons sound is all over the map. That’s probably why I dig it.


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