Sunday, December 28, 2008

Monster Magnet - 4-Way Diablo

Monster Magnet
4-Way Diablo

This is easily the best Monster Magnet record in over a decade, and probably the best since Dopes to Infinity, 4-Way Diablo isn’t exactly heavy but it retains that borrowed, SST-like rock vibe that was found on Power Trip.

Ed Mundell still rules and, it’s too be assumed, that Dave Wyndorf got over his drug/mental kookiness from a few years ago. Like Death Magnetic, 4-Way Diablo retains the charm of Monster Magnet’s old hate, but it doesn’t actually sound like Super Judge or Spine of God. I would call this record classic rock but Monster Magnet has always had a classic rock quality.

“Blow Your Mind” sounds like a typical Monster Magnet radio single (was it one?) although it and “Little Bag of Gloom” are really the only lame songs on the album. “Cyclone” rules, as does “A Slap in the Face.” An irony here is their Rolling Stones cover sounding the most like Dopes to Infinity than any of the original songs.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a marked improvement over God Says No. This isn’t a good starting point for those checking out Monster Magnet, but it’s an absolute must if you’re a fan.

Monster Magnet - 4-Way Diablo

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