Saturday, April 14, 2007

Soilent Green - Pussysoul

Soilent Green

If you’re an old-school KPFT listener, then you’ll likely remember the song “Slapfuck” as a regional hit which received heavy airplay on the Sweet Nightmares and Big Jesus radio shows. “Slapfuck” is also the prototypical example of Soilent Green’s psychotic Sabbath-meets-Discharge death/sludge/grind.

Before they became the long-time Relapse Records staple they are today, Soilent Green crawled out of the New Orleans scene. Along side EYEHATEGOD, Acid Bath, Crowbar, and many others, Soilent Green helped turn heavy music on its ear back in the 90s.

“Pussysoul”, their debut full-length on the long-defunct Dwell Records, laid the foundation for all Soilent Green music to come. Grindcore blasts, ripping death metal, D-beats, and thick as molasses sludge riffs all beating the Christ out of each other and causing irreparable hearing damage in the process.

With all due respect to guitarist Brian Williams (also of EYEHATEGOD), the most dynamic and innovative member of the band is vocalist Ben Falgoust. He can do what many other extreme music singers are incapable of doing: three drastically different vocal styles. Plus, he can seamlessly switch between them. Falgoust blends death grunts, tortured screams, and creepy spoken-word passages into a tapestry of terror, usually all in the same song.

A common complaint with “Pussysoul” has been the record’s production. While it’s certainly not the best, the muddled production of “Pussysoul” gives the album character. The fast parts have a grim feeling, the slow parts are given a sense of punch-drunk clarity, and the heavy parts are immoveable.

Throughout the years, Soilent Green has suffered more tragedies and setbacks than any band should. From van accidents to ex-members passing away, they’ve persevered and they deserve every bit of their success.

In closing, let’s not forget original members Scott Williams and Glen Rambo, both of whom are no longer with us.

Here's a clip of Soilent Green playing "Mad Scientist", recorded in 1989 with original vocalist Glenn Rambo. Rambo died during Hurricane Katrina.


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