Saturday, April 14, 2007

Deadbodieseverywhere - S/T


On their self-titled LP, San Francisco’s DeadBodiesEverywhere play grindcore that’s heavily influenced by the West Coast power violence sound. The band also uses samples in the same effective manner as EyeHateGod and Buzz Ov-en.

Is it possible for a grind band to sound more furious when they’re playing slow than when they’re playing fast? Yes, and DBE accomplishes this on the songs “Punch the Clock” and “Sloth.” Don’t worry. The grind-hate is here, especially on songs like “Action Packer”.

There’s nothing remarkable about the individual performances on the album, but together, they create an unstoppable grind/sludge force. This is exactly what great bands do. Highly recommended for fans of Lack of Interest, No Less, Despise You, and Infest. Good luck finding a copy of this record. It was released by the highly inept staff at Necropolis Records, who folded several years ago.

Here's Deadbodieseverywhere perfoming "Sloth" at the November to Dismember festival in San Bernardino, CA, recorded in November 2000.

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