Saturday, April 14, 2007

Flawless Victory - Nuestra Herencia

Flawless Victory
Nuestra Herencia

Straight out of Laredo, Texas comes Flawless Victory. This band plays metal-tinged hardcore that’s reminiscent of Pantera and the bands that picked up where Pantera left off, like A Perfect Murder and newer Throwdown. It’s good to see a Texas band keeping the Pantera sound alive and keeping it fresh at the same time.

The five-song EP “Neustra Herencia” is filled with bone-crushing breakdowns that will set it off in any pit. The hardcore aspects of their sound are in the vein of such luminaries as Madball and Terror.

Some Swedish-style riffing can be found on “Neustra Herencia”, but not enough to warrant the dreaded metalcore tag. It’s just proof that Flawless Victory’s game is tight. They are one of the few new bands that can effortlessly float between styles and create their own sound. Nothing sounds forced, which is something that can’t be said for many of their peers.

Flawless Victory keeps it real by singing the song “Neustra Herencia” is Spanish. Metal and hardcore are an international community and Flawless Victory don’t let anyone forget that.

“Nuestra Herencia” is a great recording captured at Houston’s Origin Sounds. This studio is fast becoming to Texas what Trax East is to the NYC area.

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Here's Flawless Victory's video tour diary.


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