Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Videodrome (II) - The Philadelphia Experiment

This edition of Videodrome is inspired by Crucial Chris, who passed along this video of comedian Bill Burr eviscerating the entire city of Philadelphia. This is the perfect opportunity to take a look back at some of Philly's greatest hits. That city is genuinely unique, for good and bad. It can't be all bad. This is the city that produced the Bloodhound Gang and Relapse Records, plus Mr. Bill Cosby. You be the judge.

Bill Burr (Chappelle's Show, Breaking Bad) torches Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Eagles fans boo Santa Claus and pelt him with snowballs.

Eagles fans cheer Michael Irvin's neck injury.

Eagles fans heckle Giants fan at stadium.

Phillies fans boo the shit out of JD Drew (they would later throw batteries at him).

Flyers fans boo Sarah Palin (okay, that's not that bad).

76ers fans cheer Joakim Noah's ankle injury.

Suspect shoots up Philadelphia strip club with AK-47 after scuffle with bouncers.

Philadelphia muslims protest those wearing burkas in order to commit robberies.

Documentary about the Bruno Crime Family based out of (wait for it) Philadelphia.

I could keep going like this all day but you get the idea. Consult your search engine of choice for further information.


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