Monday, December 19, 2011

SBS - 2011 Demo (*No Funeral exclusive*)

2011 Demo

Greetings weirdos! It's time for everybody out there to get hip to Central Texas hardcore powerhouse SBS. Current Indisgust members Crudo (vocals) and Zach (guitar) team up with new rhytm section Marty (drums) and Nick (bass) to dish out circle-pit-inducing riffs and skull-cracking breakdowns. SBS takes a more straight-ahead approach to metallic hardcore than the previously-mentioned No Funeral favorites.

For those not familiar with the geography of Central Texas, two smaller cities named San Marcos and New Braunfels are situated in between Austin and San Antonio. With each of the four SBS members claiming residence in a different one of these four cities, SBS can truly claim to be a Central Texas band.

Recorded in New Braunfels, the three-song 2011 Demo shows SBS as a band mixing the best parts of Satisfaction... era Hatebreed and the new(er)-school East Coast stomp (Madball, Most Precious Blood, Indecision, etc...) and taking this sound in a new direction. This is an exciting demo from an exciting band. Stay tuned this spring for an SBS studio report as the band records its new EP.

No Funeral is proud to bring you this demo for the first time on the internet. Tell your friends that you heard it here first. Then tell your friends about SBS. Seriously, this is the underground. Give all your ding-dong friends the link to this post. Burn copies of the demo and give them to people at school or at work. Tell the people!

SBS - 2011 Demo


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