Monday, November 5, 2007

Drowningman - Busy Signal at the Suicide Hotline

Busy Signal at the Suicide Hotline
Hydra Head

I remember back in 1998 (the year of this album’s release) when Drowningman was constantly being compared to Botch. While not incorrect, I don’t think it’s an appropriate comparison either. Drowningman and Botch were both on HydraHead at the same time and both played acrobatic hardcore, but Drowningman was it’s own band with it’s own voice.

The album’s title track rocks hard. The lyrics of vocalist Simon Brody are written entirely in first-person perspective (minus two songs), which gets old. But they’re demented and Brody drops hate, so it’s cool.

Drowningman seems to take a stream-of-conscious approach to songwriting. As disjointed and angular as the recording can be, everything flows together smoothly, except when the drums are too loud (in spots) and overpower the other instruments.

The album’s cover art, assembled by Isis guitarist and Hydra Head founder Aaron Turner, features numerous screen captures from the legendary Twin Peaks series. I’m not sure that I get the connection between that show and this album, but that’s okay. “Busy Signal” is a great album that the listener doesn’t have to “get” to enjoy. Also, I absolutely love the guitar tone on this album. Even during the quieter, calmer portions for songs, they still sound heavy.

Here's the promo video for "White People are Stupid" by Drowningman.

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