Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Icarus Line - All Things Under Heaven

All Things Under Heaven
Buddyhead Records

     The Icarus Line, LA's infamous psychedelic, goth(ish), post-core, post-California, post-whatever noisemongers, have released another "dirty bomb" on the ears and minds of America. The double-LP All Things Under Heaven eclipses last year's Slave Vows in scope and ambition, and that record was no slouch. What that really means is The Icarus Line have stepped it up and you should be paying attention.

     All Things Under Heaven out psychs Best Coast, out shoegazes Deafheaven, and out goths Prayers. That said, The Icarus Line doesn't really sound like any of these three bands. Instead, I've always considered the band to be a SoCal, less-metal version of Ink & Dagger. This band is so trill that writer Warren Ellis and painter Joe Coleman guest on the new record. If there were any justice in this world, The Icarus Line would be headlining the Austin Psych Fest instead of the fucking Flaming Lips.

Verdict: Mandatory Listening


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