Friday, October 17, 2014

The Body - I Shall Die Here

Who:  The Body

What:  Fifth studio album of alienating doom/sludge released on RVNG Intl.

When:  April 2014

Where:  Portland, OR via Providence, RI

Why:   British producer The Haxan Cloak helps The Body achieve the next level in rape-eyed audio annihilation.

[The Radness Average (or star rating) is derived from assigning each song a number of stars based on a 1-5 scale, then adding the total number of stars, and then dividing that number of total stars by the number of songs on the record. A Radness Average of 4.0 or higher indicates a good or great record. A Radness Average of 2.0 or less indicates pure crap. Everything else is in the middle somewhere.]

The Body - I Shall Die Here - RVNG Intl.

1.  To Carry the Seeds of Death Within Me -- *****
2.  Alone All the Way -- *****
3.  The Night Knows No Dawn -- ****
4.  Hail to Thee, Everlasting Pain -- *****
5.  Our Souls Were Clean -- *****
6.  Darkness Surrounds Us -- ****

Radness Average:  4.667

The Body - I Shall Die Here

Verdict:  I haven't felt this unsettled by a record since Venerology by Merzbow.

For fans of:  Thou, Gnaw Their Tongues, Emptiness, Winter, Nurse With Wound


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