Monday, July 20, 2009

No Funeral to resume killing trees shortly

After careful consideration, I've decided to relaunch the print zine. The basic breakdown goes like this:

Music reviews, MP3s, and updates will be posted here while interviews, essays, features, and general weirdness will be saved for the bi-monthly (maybe(?!?)) print zine. I think this will be an interesting way to balance the two formats. Ideas, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome. Send all complaints to

Sorry that there hasn't been more frequent posting. I've been spending my time trying to work 150 hours a week while moving (again) and figuring out the above situation with the other 18 hours. Once I get the internet hooked up at the new crib, frequent and bizarre posting will resume.

In the meantime, here's July's hatelist:


Kyuss - Welcome to Sky Valley
Hatred Surge - Collection and Isolated Human
Coke Bust - Cycle of Violence
Job for a Cowboy - Ruination
The Warriors - Genuine Sense of Outrage
Black Flag - Damaged
Metallica - Binge & Purge
Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold
Impending Doom - The Serpent Servant
... and an unholy amount of Disembodied.


Burn after Reading
(M. Night Shamalamadingdong's only good movie)


Too many to list. I've been reading a ton lately. Been on a big I-hate-George-Bush kick.

Stay tuned for more details on the relaunch of the No Funeral magazine.

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